We are very excited to have you join the company!

BEI-JES Oak Ridge, LLC was created for the BASSC with you in mind.  Brandan Enterprises, Inc and JES Tech, two outstanding companies, combined forces to form BEI-JES Oak ridge, LLC, which we like to refer to as BJOR.

BJOR leadership includes Georges Brandan, President; Bobbie Jessie, Vice President; Keith Sabin, Chief Operating Officer; and Jim Campbell, Program Manager--the person you will see and hear from regularly.  In addition to our leadership personnel, the entire corporate staffs of BEI and JES Tech are ready and waiting to support you, the BASSC and the Department of Energy Oak Ridge Office.

What are our expectations?
BJOR's management will display and lead by example the behavior that is expected from you, which includes respect, honesty, integrity, and professionalism with excellence.  We promise to give you our best, therefore we will expect your best.  Anytime either party falls short, we reserve the right to speak with that individual (not the group) and likewise.  The staff will treat you the way we want to be treated.

BJOR realizes that communication is the key to success.  Everyone who supports BJOR is very much a part of "The Good Communication Campaign"; your positive or constructive comments, concerns, ideas, issues, opinions, problems and/or suggestions are welcome.  BJOR is a great company, but not perfect  There is always room for improvement.  Our goal is to be "The Best" contractor in the DOE community.  This commitment will require everyone working together, no matter what the position you occupy.

The Company Blog is a tool management utilizes to disseminate information to each individual employee.  We believe it to be an efficient, unobtrusive method that has the capability to reach all employees simultaneously.  Establishing the centralized portal of reliable company information means "the word" will get to you quicker with the original intent of the author preserved.  A link to the blog will be provided in the electronic timesheet system website we will use on the contract.  You are encouraged to check the blog routinely.

We want your work experience with BJOR to be "The Best" company you have ever supported!  We will accomplish this with everyone working as a TEAM.

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